What area of data science to you specialize in?I thought it would be great to share what area we all specialize in. I can start first. Most of my work right now is focused on using decision t…
What topic in health data science are you curious to learn more about?
About Times Series Analysis
Happy Women's History Month!

February 2023

Find a recruiter on LinkedIn by using the LinkedIn search function. Then, craft a concise email and include a follow-up request at the end. Below is a…
Happy Black History Month!
Health Data Science Reading List

January 2023

Where do you work at?I haven’t updated this graphic in awhile. If your company is missing, let me know with a comment below.
Health data science and biostatistics are related but distinct fields. Health data science is a broad field involving various methods and tools to…
And they are hiring health data scientists and data analysts!
If you are Health Data Scientist Manager or Director, let me know if you are interested in sharing the story of your career journey. You can email me at…

December 2022

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